Addition game

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About the game

By playing the Addition online game you will learn the addition in a quick and fun way. After learning the addition you can try to do a new National Record or even a World Record for the game! In the game you will get addition calculation tasks, which you need to solve in a specific time. The available time for solving a task will be reduced as the game progresses. You can play the game without registration, but saving your own records and to get listed on record lists of the game requires registration and service log in. Addition games online: Play, enjoy and learn the addition for free!

The game flow

Start the game by clicking the "Start game" button on the top of the page. After starting the game you get to see an addition calculation, which you have to solve. Click the number on the number panel that you think is the correct answer for calculation. For each correct answer you will get one point. After each right answer you get a new addition calculation to solve. The game ends if you answer incorrectly or you do not answer before the response time runs out. The remaining response time is shown on the game progress bar on the right side of your current points.

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